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Releasing code to production – does it really need to take more than 5 minutes?

The formula for avoiding disastrous projects, which never get off the ground and stagnate, is MVP (Minimal Viable Product). This allows you to talk seriously about agile working - and have releases on a daily basis.

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Don’t compromise on automated testing

It’s surprising how hard it can be to reach a common understanding of what DevOps is. While Netflix and Amazon have set the gold standard – you don’t need to join these massive corporations to maintain a fully automated DevOps operating model. It does require that your organization’s management, architects, developers, and testing teams agree on what DevOps is - and isn’t. Otherwise, the change process you are about to undergo is doomed to fail.

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'Take-aways' from Microsoft’s Power Platform workshop

– I recently attended a three-day workshop on the Power Platform - with three other colleagues from cVation. The Power Platform is a no-code platform in which Microsoft is currently making large investments. Three participants from cVation joined to learn a more about how it can be used to create value for our customers.

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