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We are cVation

cVation was founded in 2014 to accelerate your digital journey.

We are a multi-talented, forward thinking team of go-getters that specialize in turning our clients' digital strategies into innovative cloud-based business solutions. We accelerate IT deployments by seamlessly facilitating secure cloud-based development.

We build business applications on an Azure Cloud foundation. All of our employees practice DevOps and TDD methodologies and are experts in native cloud development. We develop, implement, and provide support to clients through each phase of the development lifecycle—from design and development to delivery and ongoing operations.

To us, the cloud is not "just another data center." Cloud-based technology enables businesses to approach solution building in an entirely new way. We help clients reimagine the way they do business by educating them on the possibilities of New Tech like IoT, AI, and Blockchain and partnering with them to operationalize these solutions.

Our value is most realized when traditional solutions come up short. We love taking on the most complex challenges in critical industries, integrating advanced technologies in our solutions, and building from scratch where necessary.

For years we have invested in building a strong team of the best and brightest IT specialists while continually refining our toolbox of development capabilities.

We've designed our organization to think differently, challenge the status quo, and put forth the best ideas.

If your organization has bold ideas for your technology strategy but has limited IT resources, we are the perfect partner to help execute your vision.

November 2021, cVation became part of the emerging German cloud provider Skaylink. Skaylink is a leading service provider in cloud and digital transformation with a global team of over 500 cloud experts.

With the combination of Skaylinks and cVation's resources and knowledge, existing and new customers will benefit from deep competencies in the cloud area. 'Part of Skaylink', as cVation is now called, means that the forces as well as our best practices in modern cloud development and infrastructure are gathered, and that we offer the most secure and innovative "best-of-breed" solutions to our customers in the Nordic countries and Europe.

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cVation accelerates software development with cloud technology so customers can bring products and services to market faster than ever before. We have the ambition and capabilities to embed agility into a company's transformation.

Our organization

We dynamically organize teams to boost innovation and deliver successful outcomes for our clients. We have three core units:

cVation Technology Advisory

Our Technology Advisory team consists of specialists in architecture, design and delivery. They deliver consulting services, combining a diverse set of perspectives to understand the needs of each individual client with extensive knowledge of today's technology landscape.

We go beyond knowing about products. We determine how products and processes interact operationally. This requires close collaboration with clients —from the initial consulting phase through design and deployment.

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cVation Software Delivery

Our team of expert engineers cover front-end, back-end, data management and advanced analytics. Project teams are structured by product and core competency, enabling dynamic operating models based on the size of the engagement. Our goal is to build efficiently, delivering extraordinary results for our clients – all while minimizing the ‘cost to build’. We maintain a DevOps operating model, with fully automated testing and deployment. Our Software Delivery Team works with products and projects, including on-going delivery and support. We are a team of innovators, specialized in tackling the most bespoke challenges for our clients.

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cVation Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is our R&D sandbox for exploratory initiatives into new technologies and development methods. They focus on incorporating the latest industry innovations and developments around cloud technologies into our solutions. This unit operates as a Center of Excellence, for the benefit of all of our clients. A member of our Innovation Lab will contribute to the kick-off of every new client engagement, ensuring that we can identify opportunities to plug in our latest thinking on each engagement.

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Meet our executive leadership

Christian Møller


Christian focuses on partnering with clients to deliver consulting services and software solutions. He also began his career at Accenture, gaining experience ranging from IT-architecture and software development to business and IT strategy along with marketing. Christian has a track record for bringing strategies to life, building long-term relationships, and setting up profitable businesses in new markets. He has co-founded three companies, maintaining responsibilities for sales and services across international markets. Christian has a Masters in Engineering and Computing from DTU.

Nicolai Graff Andersen


Nicolai has many years of experience in designing and developing complex software solutions. He worked as a management consultant early in his career and draws from his real-world experience to quickly analyze business processes and identify opportunities to deploy high-value software solutions. Nicolai's experience with agile software development range from scalable, business-critical systems to new solutions for complex mathematical modeling and algorithm-driven data optimizations. At cVation, Nicolai has developed a proprietary system that automates the testing and deployment new software systems, which is crucial to every one of our client engagements. Nicolai has an exceptional talent for attracting, developing and coaching strong engineering teams. He is passionate about organizational design, implementing operating models that enable our development team to efficiently deliver extraordinary results, in record time. He has a Masters in Engineering and Computing from DTU.

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