Certifications & Partnerships

Read more about our current Certifications & Partnerships below.

cVation regularly achieves certifications after auditing and we train our employees continuously to have the highest level within the indicators recognized in the industry and with the software suppliers, among others. Microsoft.

cVation is a Microsoft's Gold Partner

As a partner at Microsoft, it is possible to achieve different levels of partnerships. From normal partner status to silver and gold partnership status. The different levels are awarded based on the competencies and commitment that you have as a partner on selected platforms and technologies from Microsoft. In addition, we as a partner must document our deliveries and 'dedication'.

See our 'Microsoft Competencies Letter' here

Cloud Solution Program Partner

cVation has the status of the Cloud Solution Program (CSP) Partner and therefore we provide and support Microsoft Cloud offerings such as Office 365, Azure, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to our customers.

The benefits of the CSP partner program

  • Possibility of monthly payments

  • Pay only for what you use

  • Fast delivery

  • Easy migration from other licensing forms

  • Can be combined with other licensing forms

  • Pay Azure consumption backwards

cVation er Børsen Gazelle 2020

En gazellevirksomhed er en betegnelse for en hurtigt-voksende virksomhed, som minimum har fordoblet sin omsætning over en fireårig periode. Udtrykket udspringer af den årlige gazelleundersøgelse, som er blevet udarbejdet af Dagbladet Børsen siden 1995.

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