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Talented employees are the backbone of cVation

There's a diversity of people and a variety of reasons to work at cVation. Meet four of our employees and get to understand more about their daily work, rolls, and job motivations.

Daniel Rosenberg Hansen

Software Engineer & Team Lead

On one of my teams I was stand-in for the Team Lead and ended up as acting Team Lead for a longer period. This experience started my interest in project & team management and this was a path I wanted to follow. Now I am Lead on a really competent team, and I feel that I am growing a lot.

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Anders Flarup Tofthøj

Head of Delivery

It's the best job I've ever had. It's a great to be able to focus on high quality, be agile, and avoid many unnecessary administrative processes.

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Martin Roos

Software Engineer 

The best part of my work is solving large, complex tasks in a generic, reusable way for everyone on the team - or in the entire company. My development philosophy is like: If you write the same code twice - then it's once too many.

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100% employee satisfaction

Our latest employee job satisfaction survey showed that employees are very happy to work at cVation and feel that there's a healthy work-life balance. We must be doing something right!

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Employees are fundamental to our success. We’re always focusing on challenging and empowering everyone at the office, while nurturing a positive work-life balance

Christian Møller, CEO, cVation

We asked our employees to describe their colleagues with five words. The most frequently mentioned words were:

Social Gigs

We work hard - but we like to get together to play, too. Not everything revolves around work.

Once a quarter, we hold a hackathon to nerd around, develop, and drill into code. We always take time to celebrate at the end the day with gin tasting, tapas, or something else the heart desires.

We have a tradition of holding a TGIF open bar with craft beers and snacks. Once in a while, we even book a fantastic restaurant.

Many of us have even joined our film, fly-fishing, and board game clubs. And we never forget our summer and Christmas parties. The people at cVation will be your coworkers, colleagues, mentors, peers–and because of our collaborative, supportive culture, people often make friends for life.

Your growth at cVation

Learning and professional development are high priorities at cVation.

We invest in our employees' professional development and training. Equally important, we have an active feedback program and open-door policy where every voice is heard.

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There’s a passion for delivering extremely high quality. People are always willing to help, and we work hard to find the best solutions. There is positive social interaction, where people are sincerely interested in one another.

Mark Gjøl, Software Engineer

This is life at cVation. Can you see yourself as part of our team? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

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