Martin Roos

Software Engineer at cVation

How was the first time working at cVation?

The learning curve at cVation is very steep, but it's in a good way. You are surrounded by the best colleagues who help you with how to attack the projects the best possible way. It is without a doubt here at cVation that I have developed myself the most professionally.

What do you do on a daily basis, and what kind of assignments do you work with?

I work as a full stack developer and look at everything from backend to frontend. I’m the ‘back-stopper’ – here everything is tested, deployed and monitored. So far, I have been on three fairly large projects, which has given me insight into different issues. This has given me good diversity over the 2 years I have been here, while still giving me time to get to know the customer in depth.

Which tasks do you find particularly motivating?

The best thing about my job is solving large complex tasks in a generic and reusable way for everyone in my team - or maybe even for the whole company. My philosophy regarding development is: If you write the same code twice - then it is one time too many.

How is the collaboration between you and your colleagues?

The relationship with my colleagues is great. The professionalism here is high, and if you are not certain about a possible solution and if is right, then there is always someone you can share it with, and together you can find the best possible solution and thereby result.

Do you see opportunities for both professional and personal growth within your job?

Yes! At cVation, I have learned how to build large architectural solutions with a micro-service and app architecture, as well as how to deploy and maintain these solutions as simply as possible. And I know there’s a lot more to learn.

Sure. I am often involved in designing and developing generic packages, either for use on the project of which I am a part - or for the entire company. This applies to both backend and frontend packages.

  • Educated as a diploma engineer in IT and economics at DTU.

  • Before I started in cVation, I worked both in a large company with quite bureaucratic processes as well as in a small software company with very appreciative processes.

  • Am a big football fan of Liverpool FC, play football myself and otherwise I spend a lot of my spare time with my new little family. I had my first child - a little boy - in the summer of 2021.