Hans Peter Vibe joines cVation

Experienced cloud expert now part of cVation

Brief summary of your most recent posts

6 years at Microsoft, as Cloud Solution Architect before the 26 years at IBM, most recently as CTO DK.

What is the most interesting thing about you that we would not learn from your resume alone?

That at the beginning of my career I had a weekend job consisting of lying under the raised floor of a data center and pulling cables to the various Mainframes systems.

How would you describe your approach to projects?

I am first and foremost an architect - this is how I start a project: I see dependencies, business value and opportunities - and of course the challenges. I am a problem solver - both organizationally, project-wise and technically.

Why did you choose cVation as your new workplace?

Because cVation specializes in what I find most interesting in the market right now: Creating and accelerating intelligent and concrete solutions in the cloud with a focus on immidiate business value.

Describe yourself with three adjectives:

Curious, inquisitive and dedicated.

Learn more about Hans Peter and connect with him on LinkedIn here.

A little more about Hans Peter
  • Educated as computer scientist.

  • Lives with his family of three in Østerbro - has two grown up boys who now lives by themselves.

  • Hobbies: Gaming, outdoor stuff like kite-surfing, skiing, enjoying the tranquility of working in the garden, playing music (guitar, drums), reading, playing with technology e.g. electric train, home automation, etc.

  • The mistake you wish you hadn't made, but also never has repeated: Deciding to color the production shell terminal red on an AIX server.