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Helping fixed income investors master the US bond market
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Controlling millions of IoT devices all around the world
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Pioneering Azure Technologies

cVation is a Microsoft Azure power house that delivers architecture, tools, methodology, frameworks, consulting and outsourced development with DevOps enablement focus.

DEVOPS - move beyond agile

cVation has the expertise to understand and implement your cloud ambitions. As a leading pioneer in DevOps, we will help analyze your existing architecture, methodology and organization to develop a best-practice cloud strategy and solution that will achieve your most ambitious business goals.

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GET AHEAD with CADD - cVation's Cloud Accelerated Development & Delivery Platform

Leverage our out-of-the-box integrated Azure based DevOps platform for rapid application development, deployment and operations.

It will catapult your development forward, optimizing time-to-market while ensuring scalability, security, performance and reliable DevOps.

Cut development time from months to weeks.

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Our goal is simple: Deliver better value faster
With DevOps, high performers deploy code 30 times more frequently and release 200 times faster.
Market capitalization growth is 50% higher, failure rate 60 times lower and recovery 168 times faster.
- The DevOps Handbook

Our services


Simplify and speed up the process of building and testing applications with our tailored Kanban approach. Learn more...

Cloud Architecture
& Development Frameworks

Leap-frog your cloud development ahead with cVation’s DevOps enabled Microservice Architecture. Learn more...


Bring together people, processes and products to enable continuous value delivery with our best-in-class practices and automation. Learn more...


Experience true Continuous Deployment capability with zero downtime and live migrations. Learn more...

& Big Data

Experience the power of elastic search and scalable service architecture. Manage integration and control across all devices. Learn more...

Cloud Startup

Leverage our funding capabilities and exclusive startup process consulting all the way to best practice integrated marketing. Learn more...

Cloud Design
& Migration

Speed up your cloud transformation with our consulting services to analyze and design your new cloud solution. Learn more...

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Our Technology Vision

Redefine and push the envelope for the technologies we work with.
Innovate insanely and move at game-changing speed.

Our Business Vision

Be a specialized technology company with excellent handpicked professionals. Enjoy a unique team work culture and provide unmatched services to our clients.

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