cVation wins the Microsoft Partner Award in App Innovation for the 3rd year in a row

Hattrick!! What an amazing recognition by Microsoft - 3rd year in a row!!


Yesterday, the excitement was released on the winners of the titles for this year's Partner Awards at Microsoft Headquarters in Lyngby.

cVation was nominated in the category: App Innovation. For the 3rd year in a row, cVation won the award thus proving that we are Denmark's best App Innovators. - This is an award we are immensely proud of, as innovation is part of our name and its what we come from. We feel that the close collaboration and solid partnership with Microsoft is a true win-win. Microsoft's technology and partner strategy create value for our clients every day. A huge thank you goes out to Microsoft for the recognition for the 3rd time. It is now cemented that our developers are the most skilled at app innovation in Denmark. The award also goes to our fantastic clients for their trust, partnerships and exciting projects - without them there would be no development or innovative apps.

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It is absolutely incredible to win the App Innovation award for the 3rd time! It is a huge recognition by Microsoft. It is with great humility and pride that we receive it - and we do so on behalf of our fantastic talented colleagues. The price is 100% theirs!

Christian Møller, CEO, cVation

From Microsoft about the price:
Congratulations to cVation for winning the App Innovation Partner Award 2024! cVation has distinguished themselves through their strategic collaborations with large and strategic enterprise customers. Their exceptional ability to help customers with Azure adoption, transform legacy systems into cutting-edge SaaS offerings, and develop intelligent AI applications has been nothing short of remarkable. cVation's unwavering commitment to agile DevOps practices and their alignment with Microsoft's strategic priorities, including the attainment of strategic specializations, have been instrumental in their success.
cVation's proactive approach to market development, coupled with their investment in nurturing a top-tier technical workforce, has solidified their status as a leading App innovation partner in Denmark.

The Microsoft Partner Awards 2024 were held on Thursday 23 May with dinner and award show at Microsoft's headquarters in Lyngby. For further information please contact: Katrine Beenfeldt, Head of Marketing, cVation, E-mail:

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