NNE unveils brand new cloud foundation

The result is a more reliable, flexible, and cost-effective Azure IT architecture as the basis for groundbreaking future endeavors.

NNE (formerly NNE Pharmaplan) is an international engineering company specializing in the life science industry. The company provides expertise and engineering services to pharmaceutical companies, the medical industry, biotechnology companies, and other related industries.

Among the various services offered by NNE are the design and construction of production facilities, process optimization and efficiency consulting, quality assurance and validation, and technical support. The company specializes in helping clients comply with the strict regulations in the life science industry.


One of the challenges for the organization was keeping track of the various Azure applications, including the difficulty in determining who was responsible for the systems, who they belonged to, whether the resources available in Azure were being used, and last but not least whether they were compliant. This often is a challenge for organizations that structure work in different teams and units with different needs and work with processes in many different ways without necessarily working together. Additionally, everything was consolidated into very few subscriptions, making it more difficult to separate billing/access. In addition to these very recognizable ownership challenges, the network setup was neither flexible nor scalable, and since the plan was to expand the network, a lot of development would be required to expand, which would be necessary since the strategy was to move more things to Azure.

NNE wanted to build a more reliable, cost-effective, and flexible Azure cloud IT architecture and establish a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) as the foundation for the company's future cloud journey and development. This required collaboration from different parts of the organization, including IT security, architecture, operations/development, and finance. It was crucial to establish a central cloud governance function in the form of a CCoE to ensure that all cloud services were used in a controlled and secure manner.

cVation has implemented a Landing Zone setup as defined in the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF), including:
  • A pipeline for creating new Landing Zone subscriptions and associated resources

  • Governance policies and cost management (budgets, with the ability to distribute costs internally)

  • Management group hierarchy and central platform resources shared among multiple Landing Zones

  • Network setup using Azure Virtual WAN, Landing Zone spokes, and Azure Firewall

  • Access control for Landing Zones

  • Automatic provisioning of Defender for Cloud Standard

  • Central logging of activity logs and other important logs in a single location for centralized monitoring.

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cVation has been a key partner in NNE’s cloud journey. Through deep technical expertise and a pragmatic, collaborative approach they helped deliver a mature, cloud platform within a short timeframe.

Dan Strang Søndergaard, CIO & VP, Global IT


With the deep experience of Cloud CoE and CADD platform and the implementation of Landing Zones, cVation was a natural choice for NNE tohelp establish the new Azure platform and Cloud CoE in close collaboration with NNE's IT architects.

Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and Enterprise Scale Landing Zones were used to implement the solution. The delivery covered the entire cloud adoption cycle: Plan, Ready, Adopt, Govern, and Manage. This resulted in a future-proof and secure platform with governance, risk management, and compliance. As a validation of the new platform, cVation provided further assistance to a series of "Lighthouse" projects that are to be developed and operated subsequently on the new cloud platform.


The new platform provides NNE with a solid foundation for moving more things to Azure. The platform is very flexible and supports all development teams across business areas. It is now possible to create innovative solutions with Data-bricks, Azure Machine Learning, and fully managed services like Azure Functions which automatically scale up and down as needed. Landing Zones consist of an Azure Subscription, a virtual network, and various security layers connected to a virtual WAN in Azure, which is then connected to on-premise via ExpressRoutes via Site 2 Site VPN.

In addition to the platform itself, NNE also has developed new skills within the team, especially regarding the possibilities in Azure Cloud, and knowledge about Landing Zones in the process of establishing the new platform. It is now fully transparant who owns which resources and who is potentially responsible for it internally.

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