Cloud Accelerated Development & Delivery Platform - CADD

CADD is a toolbox that ignites cloud development and automates testing, ensuring quality and performance. The platform provides building blocks that we deploy to help our clients get a jump start on any cloud-based development initiative. This enables us to take idea to MVP in a matter of weeks, delivering your solution on time and under budget.

Have some ambitious plans to transition to the cloud?

Our experienced team at cVation’s Cloud Center of Excellence can help make your plans a reality. The CADD platform codifies the best practices we have refined for our Azure Cloud DevOps development framework. This enables us to focus on the business application, rather than spending time and money on the more basic components of the solution. With our flexible engagement models, you can lean on our team to help you design, build, and continuously improve your cloud platform, or we can partner with your IT organization to help them implement the DevOps methodology using CADD.

There is no substitute for experience. Our team’s prowess has been refined over years of working on the Microsoft Azure suite of cloud solutions. You’re solution will be developed with the fully automated testing and deployment methods that are baked into our CADD platform. Enhancements around testing and monitoring that are identified by a single team at cVation are quickly shared across the entire organization once they are codified into the CADD software.

CADD is certified by Microsoft and can be found at the Microsoft Marketplace and Appsource.

What value does CADD deliver?

CADD speeds up software deployments and dramatically reduces time-to-market for new solutions. More specifically, CADD slashes development time from months to weeks so you can launch digital solutions faster than ever. It provides the resources to realize the transformative potential of DevOps principles and Test Driven Development for your IT organization.

Advantages with CADD

The cloud is constantly evolving, and so is CADD. As a Microsoft Preferred Partner, we maintain close contact with the Azure organization. Our team is actively engaged in the cloud ecosystem, sharing ideas, identifying opportunities to do things differently, and ultimately, codifying the latest and greatest thinking into the CADD platform. 

  • Assures high-quality delivery

  • Implements all necessary guardrails and governance processes

  • Tools for automating tests, deployments, and setups

  • Helps developers to employ standardized DevOps development methods

  • Supplies off-the-shelf, reusable architecture components

  • Builds an efficient Microservices Architecture

Want to know more about CADD?

See or download the CADD one pager here

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CADD has made a great difference in terms of how we handle delivery. Bugs are fixed 12x faster compared to the agile projects we are managing. CADD also provides standards, tools, automated testing and a robust cloud architecture which make it possible to efficiently onboard new developers and have them commit code to production within weeks.

Nicolai Graff Andersen, CIO

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