Building a digital bank on the public cloud

cVation accelerated Facit Banks’ journey to the cloud with expert advice, design, and development coupled with industry know-how to navigate the bank’s deployment on the Microsoft Azure Public Cloud.


Facit Bank is a 100% web-based bank that offers deposits and consumer loans to private customers. In order to align with the targeted launch date, the solution needed to be built on an extremely tight timeline while ensuring compliance with the applicable banking regulations. 3C Group, the parent company for Facit Bank, has plans to expand services to Sweden and Norway, adding complexity to the build which needed to maintain compliance with multiple regulatory regimes.


cVation was engaged to support Facit Bank’s ambitious launch plans. We were asked to ensure technical compliance and to build a complete development, test, and production environment following DevOps principles and fully automated CI/CD management. This was required to maximize agility for new releases. The solution would also need to be integrated with many internal and external systems.

The solution is built with Microsoft Azure components that work in concert with cVation’s CADD framework for accelerated Test-Driven Development and automation. Building on Azure also provided immense value in terms of regulatory compliance. cVation, as a Microsoft Preferred Partner, was able to leverage Azure’s Compliance resources to ensure regulatory compliance.


To comply with financial regulations, we had to integrate SOC 1 & 2 compliance services into the solution. This made the Microsoft Azure platform a natural choice. It gives the client access to Microsoft’s Cloud FSI compliance program which is purpose-designed to minimize risk and help customers meet strict financial regulatory requirements.

Key technology components:
  • Infrastructure API Management

  • App Services

  • Service Bus

  • Application Insights

  • Availability Tests with Metric Alerts

  • Cosmos DB

  • Storage Accounts

  • Azure Active Directory

  • Security Center

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cVation’s broad cloud know-how and a rock-solid, dedicated team gave us the optimal route to the finish line.

Andreas True, IT-manager Facit Bank


Facit Bank took the digital bank from concept to live deployment in just 10 months, a testament to cVation’s development prowess and the CADD’s systems building blocks. The partnership helped to significantly accelerate IT development by applying agile DevOps principles. In addition, cVation has trained the bank's IT staff in cloud development with DevOps.

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We are extremely proud to have developed Denmark's new online bank, Facit Bank, in just 10 months.

Andreas True, IT-manager, Facit Bank

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