We identify opportunities to deploy New Tech across all of our client engagements

We invest in developing in-house expertise across AI, IoT, Blockchain and the Modern Data Platform.

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The chance to get ahead of the curve. Partnering with cVation will provide your organization with the ideas and expertise of our Innovation Lab, where we have a team working continuously to incorporate the latest methodologies into solutions across each of our client engagements.

We identify opportunities to deploy the latest technologies while ensuring that our solutions provide scalability, accessibility and reliability from day one. When you work with us, you can rest assured your business will be operating on the latest technologies, while reducing the risk of betting on emerging technologies yourself.

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Intelligence @ work. AI & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for years but is now experiencing adoption on a global scale. As emerging technologies like AI mature, the business benefit becomes far easier to attain. Yet, AI doesn’t deliver innovation in and of itself. You need skilled developers to craft your solution based on the unique operational requirements of your organization.

cVation’s team of expert data scientists take the guesswork out of machine learning models, algorithms, data architecture and visualization. Our specialists utilize cloud services to deploy AI solutions that can be continuously enhanced as new enhancements are introduced. The solution will literally evolve to accommodate your evolving business requirements.

By partnering with our team, your investment in AI solutions for today will pay dividends tomorrow.

Experience shows that the best way to approach AI is to conduct a pilot project and determine if there is a minimum viable product (MVP) that will make a positive contribution to your business. cVation’s development accelerator platform, CADD, is a powerful tool for quickly launching such a pilot project.

In many cases our AI-project initiatives also includes the delivery of a modern data platform, enabling customers to capitalize on all their valuable data.

Case study – IMTC is charging ahead
IoT – new business opportunities require new competencies

The connected world is upon us. From cars to refrigerators, production lines to medical devices, there are sensors monitoring performance and output. The result is a whole new ecosystem where machines talk to each other, exchange data and pave the way to a more connected future. IoT creates new opportunities to connect with users, streamline operations and identify opportunities to reframe how you manage your business.

IT specialists with IoT experience are not typically part of a non-tech company org chart. This is where cVation plugs in. You can take advantage of our skills as an integrated development partner responsible for software design, development and deployment. Our IoT engineers learn about your operations and introduce solutions that help you thrive in a more connected world. We can develop entire ecosystems of business applications to fully realize the benefits of IoT - gounded in research, deep expertise and real-world experience.

Many IoT projects never get off the ground properly. To mitigate this cVation has developed an IoT MVP Accelerator platform to kickstart any minimum viable product project. Click here to see/download more information about the solution.

Case study – SITA Delivers Cloud enabled IoT solution for airports
Blockchain solutions for the enterprise

Is blockchain merely the latest buzzword? While the technology is still in its infancy, there is no doubt its capabilities have the potential to create a paradigm shift across many industry verticals. Blockchain enables the mutualization of data across organizations. By reducing reconciliation processes and distributing the 'source of truth' - supply chain, financial services, government, among others, all stand to be transformed.

cVation has established itself as a pioneer in smart contract development. As an early adopter of Microsoft’s Azure Blockchain Service, we have collaborated with the Microsoft team to develop the core infrastructure of enterprise ready, permissioned blockchain solutions. Our blockchain team leverages its legacy in cloud-native enterprise solution development while defining new possibilities in terms of smart contract capabilities. We not only anticipate many of the problems that can arise while deploying blockchain solutions, but also have the experience solving for them. This is why we excel at finding the sweet spot between testing emerging technology and realizing their benefit.

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Extract value from one of your most valuable assets. Data.

Your organization likely generates or collects more data than you know what to do with. This asset can be used to harvest customer insights, optimize operations or identify new business opportunities. However, managing this asset is not so simple. Synthesizing unstructured data into business insights is a complicated task. It requires business know-how coupled with technical expertise.

Data has transitioned from being the "exhaust" of your operations toward a critical asset that can be monetized. Companies need to wrangle data across every business unit in order to maintain complete transparency across their organization. Enabling efficient access to real-time analytics is a theme regardless of the sector you operate within. This requires integrations, data science and business intelligence.

Are you ready to tackle the beast? We’ll put our best minds to work to guide you forward.

Case study - how does IMTC manage data for millions of bonds
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Our Innovation Lab collaborates closely with engagement teams to inspire solution design, incorporating New Tech innovations. This teamwork has produced rewarding results for customers as well as our team. It allows us all to stay ahead and strengthen expertise with New Tech.

Nicolai Graff Andersen, CIO, cVation

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  • Azure IoT Hub

  • Azure IoT Edge

  • Azure Data Lake

  • Azure Databricks

  • Azure Data Factory

  • Azure Blob Storage

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