We accelerate your digital journey to the cloud

We will help you reimagine what is possible. Cloud computing opens the door to new business opportunities, more efficient operating models, or simply, modern, efficient technology systems.

Cloud development

We accelerate your journey towards innovative cloud architecture by deploying our technical expertise to support your business intelligence. If the cloud is the IT superhighway, cVation will show you how to get to your destination.

We use cloud-based technologies, combined with DevOps and Test Driven development principles, to help clients accelerate their journey to an innovative cloud architecture.

The cloud provides an entirely new way to think about and deliver innovative solutions. We believe cloud-development fundamentally changes the way companies can support an ecosystem for software and hardware delivery. It is far easier to get started and provides infinitely scalable infrastructure. To achieve a successful digital cloud transformation, cVation offers expert cloud architects and cloud developers who understand where you’re coming from and where you are going. They cover areas like:

  • Agility, DevOps and Test-Driven Development

  • Microservice Architecture

  • Cloud infrastructure

  • Cloud services

  • Security

  • Governance, compliance and cost management

Cloud migration

We understand that new solutions need to accommodate legacy systems that cannot be immediately replaced. You want a fast, disruption-free migration to the cloud, but might not think it is possible. While there is inherent risk in any technology initiative, we alleviate that risk by bringing years of integration experience to the engagement, helping you navigate the inevitable challenges of cloud migration. A solid cloud migration plan involves new data strategies, changes to release practices, architecture planning, and rigorous testing. Benefit from our expertise. Our experienced IT architects are ready to help you get started.

Outsourced maintenance and operations

Our clients can outsource operations, monitoring and continuous development of their cloud solution to us. We work with a variety of service level agreements, including everything from traditional and well-defined code deliverables to full DevOps with daily releases and a "you build it, you run it" operating model.

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At cVation, we strive to be the leading Microsoft Azure Cloud development partner

Nicolai Graff Andersen, CIO

Benefits for You

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We’ve built a foundation for rapid solution-builds that reduces time-to-ship for new applications. It not only drives down project costs but also enhances connectivity with end-users who can provide feedback and help us iterate on the perfect solution. Our emphasis on personal accountability within our teams ensures quality in development and practice DevOps to make continuous integration and delivery possible.

Be agile. Deliver results

You need to be agile, this requires constantly delivering functional solutions which will accelerate development. That’s why we continuously optimize agile principles with Test-Driven Development and DevOps. Our team is constantly upgrading our toolbox using best-practice methods and reusable components. Agility plus innovation is our formula for consistently delivering customer success.

IT Wizards

While we are a team of career technologists, we also understand our clients’ businesses. Connecting with our end-users is crucial to delivering successful outcomes. We only recruit specialists who are hands-on and work tirelessly to put your needs first. Our engagements do not end upon successful deployment, we support successful implementations and adoption among users to maximize impact.

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We are proud that while we deliver innovative and paradigm-shifting solutions, our diverse team empowers our customers by enhancing their personal competencies.

Christian Møller, CEO

Story House Egmont digitizes and streamlines their first portal in just 3 months.

Through modernization measures, a tailored and user-adapted experience has been created. Egmont Entry is now a stable, efficient and user-friendly portal for handling Story House Egmont's magazine orders.

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