cVation focuses on commercial partnerships with new strong profile

- Meet Emil Zakarias, Commercial Director, who will help accelerate cVation's position as a leading cloud service provider.

Brief summary of your most recent positions

2 years in the startup world, followed by 4 years in large American technology organizations, most recently as Global Client Executive at Microsoft. 

The highlight of your career

To create one of the largest cloud partnerships in Microsoft Denmark, including conceptualization and execution of joint commercial and go-to-market strategy for the customer's core solutions with Microsoft Azure as backbone. 

What is the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn't learn from your resume alone?

I am a big relationship person. Privately, the most important thing for me is the relationships I have with my family, girlfriend and friends. This is where I gather all my energy and good mood. However, it is also expressed in my working life, where I’m motivated by new relationships and to understand what drives other people in their work. I think you can say that my motivation is a great curiosity in people. 

Why did you choose cVation as your new workplace?

cVation, in my opinion, has one of the strongest positions in the market when it comes to consulting and implementing complex cloud solutions. This is verified by several Gazelle awards in a row, the 'Microsoft Partner of the Year Award' and an increasing and strong demand from customers. 

The use of cloud services and a growing maturity, perhaps especially in the Nordic market, are moving into a new phase. Many companies now recognize that the cloud is a necessary toolbox with a set of essential business capabilities, instead of simply viewing the cloud as a technology. 

It can be in the rollout of applications in new markets, increased flexibility and productivity across the value chain as well as an increased focus on digital security. This forces companies to be extremely agile in order to meet the difficult competitive conditions in the market and navigate the demands they face. If you cannot develop your business quickly and flexibly, then you will struggle to keep up. Cloud makes it possible to constantly be at the forefront of developments and able to change direction and meet customers' needs. It provides value - also to me in my work. 

That’s why I think it is an exciting opportunity to be responsible for the expansion/development of the commercial setup and to scale the way we go to market with our services. I see that as a win-win where we need to reach out to even more companies to help them achieve a strong and sustainable business value faster. 

What is characteristic of your way of working? 

My approach is largely business-driven, with a constant focus on solving problems and keeping momentum in the engagements that I am a part of. I am passionate about creating win-win situations, which in my view arise through strong collaboration both internally in the team and together with the customer.

Describe yourself with 3 words:

Authentic, hardworking and dedicated.

To learn more about Emil and connect with him on LinkedIn, click here.

A little more about Emil:
  • Education: Cand.merc. Strategy, Organization & Management

  • Residence: Born and raised in North Jutland, now lives in Frederiksberg with girlfriend Annette

  • Hobbies: Skiing, Running & Fitness

  • Bonus: I owned a company that ran a semi-professional Counter-Strike (e-sports) team of five paid players. At the time, the team was ranked as Denmark's 8th best team. Several of the players today make a living playing Counter-Strike on some of the world's best teams.

  • The mistake you wish you hadn't made, but also will never repeat: Being late for an important contract negotiation, which the client interpreted as part of my tactics. I'm never late again after this.