cVation, Systemate and the Alexandra Institute wins green energy IT contracts in the three-digit million range.

Three Danish IT companies will support Energinet to ensure the Danish green transition.


Energinet, the owner and developer of Denmark's electricity and gas networks, has chosen three companies to provide IT consulting assistance for the next four years under a newly signed framework agreement.

Systemate, cVation, and Alexandra Institute will all be suppliers on the Microsoft "Data & Analytics" sub-agreement furthermore Systemate and cVation will both be suppliers on the "Integrations" sub-agreement.

The framework agreement aims to support Energinet's need for specialized IT expert assistance on Microsoft technology, and to develop Energinet's existing platforms, and create new solutions and services with a cloud-first approach.

As Denmark's transmission system operator, Energinet has an increasing need to modernize its existing and new platforms and services as its tasks change and become more complex, particularly in light of its ambitious goals to enable Denmark's green transition.

The three IT companies will now support Energinet in developing Energinet's future digital infrastructure.

Strong team with the right expertise

In the past three years, Systemate has provided numerous specialists to develop Energinet's applications and integrations based on Microsoft Azure Cloud and other Microsoft technologies. The company's many years of domain experience in the utilities sector have been a great support to Energinet, enabling a strong partnership at both the team and organizational levels.

The Alexandra Institute is the only GTS institute focused on IT with a large number of experts in artificial intelligence and data science. They look forward to bringing their expert knowledge to the energy sector in Denmark and helping to ensure that the Danish energy supply remains stable during the green transition.

cVation complements the team of partners as a solid software development and cloud house where all employees practice DevOps and native cloud development based on Microsoft Azure. cVation is leading in terms of raising customers' technological level to new heights and implementing advanced use of cloud technology.

The framework agreement is part of Energinet's large IT strategy to automate and renew the technological platforms, including a digital transformation of operations to the cloud.

"At Systemate, we are very proud to have been selected as supplier to Energinet in the past three years and now, once again, to be selected as a supplier of Energinet on their large Microsoft framework agreement. With their central role in the green transition and supply, Energinet is a strategically important partner for Systemate. It is important for us to be able to meet Energinet's many future needs by finding the right combination of volume and expertise with a sub-contractor," said Jess Kristensen, CEO of Systemate."
Jess Kristensen, CEO, Systemate.

CEO of the Alexandra Institute, Niels Husted Kjær, and Christian Møller, CEO of cVation, look forward to contributing to the work on the green transition in the energy sector in Denmark.

Niels Husted Kjær, CEO, Alexandra Instituttet.

"Artificial intelligence is central to ensuring stability when a larger part of Denmark's energy comes from renewable energy. If we are to succeed in the green transition through, for example, Power-to-X, we need to be able to predict energy needs from businesses and private consumers. This requires deep expertise in data science to be able to predict energy consumption in the short term. This is exactly the expertise that Alexandra provides,"
says Niels Husted Kjær, CEO, Alexandra Institutte.

- Renewable energy is not constant. By using precise modeling, it is possible to predict whether short-term consumption exceeds production. This allows proactive switching to another energy source at the right time.

"We know that the world is burning, and it is high time that development of digital infrastructure for the green transition is started. We look forward to support Energinet on two of the sub-agreements, which are crucial for the green revolution," says Christian Møller, CEO of cVation.

The agreement is valid for the next four years with the possibility of extension for an additional four years.

Sub-agreement 1 has a value of DKK 200 million (can be extended to a maximum value of DKK 400 million).

Sub-agreement 6 has a value of DKK 90 million (can be extended to a maximum value of DKK 180 million).

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