Mette Frisk

Software Engineer at cVation

How was your start with cVation?

People were very welcoming, I have very sweet colleagues, challenging assignments that match my level. Also, I was given amble time to learn my new work domain.

What do you do on a daily basis, and what kind of assignments do you work with?

I’m part of a development team, working on a larger WPF application. We maintain the solution and develop new features. Everything is based on Test Driven Development standards, which requires much discipline during the development process. However it really pays of, as the software quality is so much higher.

What assignments are particularly motivating for you?

I get a kick out of making our customers happy, when we deliver exciting new features or enhance the exiting solutions. Also working with Test Driven Development is highly motivating, as is the use of design patterns* done right. (* Design patterns are formalized best practices that programmers use to solve problems.)

How is the collaboration between you and your colleagues?

My colleagues are always helpful and nice to me. They are great at supporting me in my work when needed. On top of that we have a very informal work environment, that makes me relax and have fun.

Are there growth and development opportunities for you and your team?

Yes, definitely. Both on a professional level but also with the knowledge sharing among team members. We are covering a large work domain, and thus it is important that we share and understand what others are working on. It requires much oversight. Personally I am ambitions to get better at Test Driven Development, to the extent that it becomes a natural and integral part of how I develop software.

  • Software Engineer - Two years at cVation

  • Experience: Programming, back-end, and front-end on .Net platform for ten years

  • Education: Master’s degree in Physics and Geophysics

  • Fun fact: Trains classical ballet two times a week