Anders Flarup Tofthøj

Software Engineer & Team lead at cVation

How was your first time working at cVation?

I started on a project right away. That’s the way it is for everyone. It took less than a week before my first code was in production. In addition to that, our work methods are much more agile and focused on making better technical solutions than where I worked before.

What do you do on a daily basis, and what kind of assignments do you work with?

I am a Team Lead and architect on our IMTC product for the financial sector. My job is to analyze and design solutions to meet our clients’ expectations for the product. I am also responsible for keeping the overall overview of our priorities and our weekly releases, so we stay focused on minimal viable product (MVP). Oh, and I actually code new features myself.

What assignments are particularly motivating?

Our agile work with Kanban, and making sure we deliver lots of new features to our customers every week. It's motivating to work with Azure because we are always working with the latest features, which means we don't waste time and energy on operations and outdated technologies. I also look forward to our weekly ’retro’ meetings where we optimize how we work together in the team.

Do you have to solve many routine assignments?

No. The automation of tests, releases, and monitoring are a high priority. This naturally takes extra time when we build solutions, but it's obvious that we get a payback on our investment many times over down the road. I use much less time on administration now, and it’s nice to be able to focus on the product and software instead of processes.

How is the collaboration between you and your colleagues?

People here are very talented and extremely helpful. There's a relaxed vibe in the office. And there's always someone around to drink a Friday beer or play a game of table soccer.

Are there opportunities for professional and personal development with your job?

I hadn’t worked with Azure before I started at cVation and so it's been great to work in a real 'Azure-house' and to get to know people with so much Azure experience. Plus, I have learned a great deal about working agilely, with weekly releases, and being focused on Minimal Viable Product.

I feel that I have big influence on my own role and assignments. The door is always open to top management. They are receptive to ideas about how things can be done smarter, both in the organization and in individual teams. You can feel that we are in place that has grown fast within just a few years and where the ambition to optimize the organization produces results. At the same time, we keep the amount of administration to a minimum.

Our team keeps a strong focus on improving and optimizing our workflow all the time. We don’t settle for doing business as usual. We test ideas that come out of our ’retro’ meetings - in practice on an on-going basis. Many of these innovations have resulted in better ways to work.

  • Software Engineer and Team lead for two years at cVation

  • Education: Master of Science in Engineering, specializing in software development.

  • Experience: Worked with .NET-based web solutions for several years as an architect for Netcompany before joining cVation.

  • Fun facts: I’m always ready to play table soccer. I prefer to play on Bonzini soccer tables, which we have, luckily, at cVation. I like to get my news from a ”paper” newspaper, and my music played from an analog system and vinyl records.

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Working with Azure is motivating as you can constantly work with the latest features and not have to spend time and effort on operations or outdated technologies.

Anders Flarup Tofthøj, Software Engineer & Team Lead