The Cloud
is the future...

We live in the Cloud era where startups and large enterprises are moving their businesses to the cloud. New business models have emerged - Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)...
We help customers implement cloud-based solutions that disrupt industries by leveraging Cloud Big Data, Scalability, Elasticity, IoT and Machine Learning to create new innovative solutions.

We are your team
for all things Cloud

cVation is an independent team of experienced and committed technology and business experts with years experience in software development and cloud innovation.

To develop innovative technologies capable of solving complex challenges and creating new business opportunities, the world needs brilliant minds. People who can think out-of-the-box, think big and get great ideas. At cVation, we only hire the best and have such people! We have one goal: to leverage all our talent to help clients capture more value by using new and innovative technologies.

To better serve our clients around the world, we have offices in both Europe and the US.

Achieve your cloud ambitions with cVation’s Cloud Accelerated Development Platform - CADD

Microsoft Azure is the world's most reliable and secure cloud platform. To allow for flexibility, scalability and effectiveness at all levels, cVation has pioneered Azure technologies and packaged a set of proven solution accelerator components to help projects get off the ground quickly and realize business value immediately.

SDK’s and architecture components combined with best practice DevOps processes and methodologies will help accelerate your next Cloud Project and boost both development and operations.

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We empower Startups to Accelerate their Business


We help entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses start and grow their business.

We understand startups inside out and empower them by leveraging funding capabilities, with our technology platform and through best practice for go-to-market and integrated marketing.

Company Values


We believe that integrity and commitment, along with quality and rigor at every stage of work, are critical to success. We are absolutely passionate about excellence and customer satisfaction, and take pride in an organization that motivates people to be committed and passionate about their work


Agile practices and methodologies have proven their effectiveness in all we do. cVation specialists advocate agile approaches such as adaptive planning, continuous improvement, iterative delivery etc. to deliver tangible results to our clients. We aim to develop flexibility and adaptability within the company to be able to meet the needs of the highly dynamic market.

Freedom to Innovate

The best ideas are born in a free-spirited atmosphere. And the best solutions come from those who are not afraid to innovate. At cVation, we are creating an environment where every individual can develop their own ideas. Employees are encouraged to take initiative and develop their passions. They are welcome to experiment, develop their expertise and contribute to the success of both clients and the company.