Mads Grunnet

Software Engineer

How was your onboarding at cVation, and what did you experience that was different before you started?

Starting at cVation was very educational. Actually, it was the most educational period in my life. I was surrounded by talented colleagues who never just follow the line of least resistance. Quality is always the center of focus here.

What do you do on a daily basis, and what kind of assignments do you work with?

I developed software for a bank from the ground up in 2019 and helped it go live in Denmark. The task was super exciting. I had to solve the challenge across the entire DevOps cycle: testing, development, CI/CD, and monitoring.

What assignments are particularly motivating?

I love to solve complex problems with simple, well-tested coding. I am passionate about eliminating manual processes in all aspects of software development. And I also like having the freedom to take time to help new developers have the same positive onboarding experience I had when I started here.

How is the collaboration between you and your colleagues?

There's a high degree of professionalism and always time for knowledge sharing - also between teams.

Are there opportunities for professional and personal development with your job?

I have been given more and more responsibility during my time at cVation. This has naturally developed me professionally and personally.I’ve also had the opportunity to design and launch several projects.

Yeah. I think so. I'm a player on a pretty versatile team. Everyone has different interests and capabilities. We share tasks so that everyone is challenged and have assignments that we each think are interesting and help us grow professionally.

  • Software Engineer

  • Three years at cVation

  • Joined cVation directly from school

  • Education: Graduate degree in Computer Science from DTU

  • Fun fact: I’m a passionate Brondby IF soccer fan and play soccer several times a week.