Daniel Rosenberg Hansen

Software Engineer & Team Lead at cVation

How would you sum up your first year here at cVation?

cVation went out of their way to invite me to a hackathon before I even started in the job. Here I was introduced to some of my new colleagues. It was a really good way to be introduced. Shortly after the Hackathon, we had a team event and the annual Summer Challenge. So this made a really good start for me. We have fun at the office, but I have also developed friendships here which extends beyond work and this means a lot to me.

I was assigned to the Jabra project and here I was also introduced to the cVation platform. One of my first tasks was to expand the platform and this gave me great insight to the value of it. Also during this work I learned a lot about the development processes of cVation.

What do you do on a daily basis and what type of tasks do you have?

On a daily basis, I am the Team Lead on the SRE team on a project for the client Jabra. The project uses a microservice architecture and it is based on cVation's own platform. There are many advantages by using the platform for a relatively large project like this. One of them is that you avoid too much boilerplate and you get many features out of the box. Thereby we developers can focus on what we do best, which is developing software.

How has your personal and professional development in the position been?

I have been on many different teams on the Jabra project and continuously been given more and more responsibility. On one of my teams I was stand-in for the Team Lead and ended up as acting Team Lead for a longer period. This experience started my interest in project and team management and this was a path I wanted to follow. Now I am Lead on a really competent team, and I feel that I am growing a lot. It really has been an exciting and eventful first year for me and I look forward to seeing where it leads me further on.

Which tasks do you find particularly motivating?

I am very fond of improving our work processes, I guess this is what is known as 'lean principles'. If I experience something which is 'a pain' in everyday life, I have an urge to fix it and optimize it. This gives me a great sense of meaning and purpose. In addition to this I really like building larger isolated features which are not blocking processes across teams. Its a great feeling to work together on a specific goal and enjoying the accelerated development. This I find very motivating.

How do you experience the collaboration between you and your colleagues?

We are all located at the same office in Nordhavn, which means that there are always people around you, both working at the same project but also on other projects. Therefore you always have someone to consult with and learn from. Most of our projects are basically based on the same platform and the same Azure technologies this means that we can quickly share experiences across teams and projects which is very rewarding. We also all help optimizing the platform, a benefit for us all that creates even better products across all projects, both current and future ones.

What is your oppinion about the social life and events initiated by cVation?

We have many social initiatives in cVation. Among other things we of course have the annual traditions like the Summer Challenge and the Christmas lunch and and Hackathons every three or four months. Besides this, the Friday bar is set up every single Friday with different themes and we have several different team events throughout the year. In addition to this, we have the cSocial channel with activity and interest groups. So every Monday I play padel tennis with one group but I also enjoy the boardgame group and we have some fun boardgamming evenings.

Which direction do you see yourself go from here?

Right now I’m focussed on developing my skills as a Team Lead, which means that I have to figure out how we meet the customer's needs at the same time as looking out for my team. For me this is about creating some usefull processes and finding the right balance between best alignment and least overhead.

Do you have any influence on decisions about your tasks, your role etc.?

I feel that, through conversations with my mentor, I have plenty opportunity to have a say in which direction I wish to persue in terms of work and education. In relation roles on the project, it is a bit more managed from the top down due to the size of the project. Some tasks just have to get done in order to keep moving forward, however the project management is responsive to input.

1 year at cVation - how has it been if you have to summarize in 5 words?
Summarize in 5 words

Competent, social, fun, developing and rewarding.

  • Team Lead & Software Engineer

  • Bachelor's degree in Software Development from ITU. On top of this Master's degree in Software Development & Technology, with a focus on Big Data.